The Narcicyst on Huffington Post & his explanation for his track- Larry David (prod JRB)

Narcy on Huffington Post

The international mystery man Narcicyst has popped up with a great article (seen above) written by him that’s now on the Huffington Post.

Prettyyyyy prettyyyyy prettyyyyy cool. You can even check out the free EP he just put out on the bottom of the Huff Post page. Also please check out track 5 especially- Larry David produced by me.

Huffington Post article can be viewed here:

Also Narcy took the time out to explain his Larry David track (again, promo once more, prod by me).

Check it out an exerpt below but there’s much more explanation listed via his tumblr:

“Larry David/ Far from Jewish/ You’re Richard Lewis/ No Balls to do it/ This Mission music is my intuition/ if you didn’t listen, we should all get stupid”

But really, the song is about Nothing. Just like Curb. Just like Seinfeld. It is about the mundane state of that ‘sound’ of music. How we can get away nowadays with saying absolutely NOTHING, and make people want to listen to it. Smart aleck huh? I still wanted to flex my lyrical dexterity in a way, but keep it simple. The double entendre of the song might fly over peoples heads, and you probably thought ‘this is so not Narcy’ but it is. I think it’s pretttty preeetttyyy clear what I meant by it now! If you haven’t watched Curb Your Enthusiasm, you are really missing out on some deep yet shallow meanings that are so subtle around you, you tend to not see them. Get to crackin’!

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