“From Scratch” video series: The Coalition (making a beat on the spot)

Last year during A3C the homies Ellmatik & Ken Bell came over to our spot & recorded us making a beat on the spot for his “From Scratch” series that he is kicking off. We are the 1st producers on the series, check it out nowwwwwwwww.

Also we used some sounds from the homie Sikwitit’s drum kit which you need to get right here: http://www.imsosik.com/sound-kits1.html

New Posts

What’s up everyone. I’m new to wordpress and having my own site so I’m gradually figuring out everything and how this works. Just saying hello and getting use to the setup/system here. I am a music producer from Gresham, South Carolina. You may already know that if you are reading this and have found this little corner of the web that I own but if not then hello. Enjoy.