MGK- Lace Up album debuts no. 2 on R&B/HipHop album charts

MGK’s first album sold exactly 50,000 copies in its 1st week of being out which earned him the #2 spot on the Billboard R&B/HipHop charts and #4 overall. If you aren’t aware I produced track 12- On My Way on this album and it is my first official album placement. It has been an awesome feeling and I have to thank everyone for the support & love they have shown me and the track. Hopefully this is only the start and more things are on the way!!


MGK- Lace Up (Album) in stores/iTunes today

MGK- Lace Up

MGK- Lace Up

Lace Up is officially available in iTunes and stores today. I produced track 12 named- On My Way. It is my first official placement. Super proud of the music that was created and just that I could be a small part of the Lace Up movement that MGK has.

Shout to Irv, co-produced by Swirv. Lace Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iTunes link —-> here

Please support. Thank you so much.

MGK- Lace Up Documentary: The Trailer

This looks classic. I can’t fucking wait for Oct 9th to get here. Lace Up!!!!!!!!