Malcolm Jabriel- No Tellin (prod. by the Coalition)

Crazy single by SC’s own Malcolm Jabriel produced by The Coalition!! Check this shit out, why else are you on my site? lol

Jay Rock- 90059 (ALBUM), 1. Necessary (prod. by JRB for the Coalition)


Check out the new Jay Rock album- 90059 that just dropped today. It was really an honor to be a part of this project. The entire album sounds dope as hell & I’m not just saying that because I’m on it. I produced the first track along with Black Metaphor. Black Metaphor produced the beginning and I produced everything after the 0:36 mark. Please go purchase and support. You can listen here and then purchase via iTunes below. The Coalition!!!!!!!!!!


Narcy- Rise (short film) (music by Sandhill, Narcy & JRB for the Coalition)

Check out this short film by Narcy. This visual is amazing. I’m not going to attempt to describe it you just need to watch it. I produced the track comes in around the 8:50 mark.

Narcy- World War Free Now (ALBUM), tracks 7. Epiphany & 11. Hey! (prod. by JRB for the Coalition)


Again I’m super late on posting but a few months ago Narcy dropped his latest album- World War Free Now. It was an honor to work with him and be a part of this amazing music. Please check out the entire project & purchase/support. I produced tracks: 7. Epiphany & 11. Hey! (feat. Meryem Saci). You can listen to both tracks here: Epiphany & Hey! & purchase the entire project via itunes below.


Malcolm Jabriel- Shine (prod. by JRB for the Coalition)

I’m pretty late on this getting this up on my site but please still check it out. Malcolm is an upcoming artist/songwriter on his way and this is a dope track we put together

Tinashe- Sweet Satisfaction (prod. by JRB & Roc N Manye) (2012 full version leak)


This track originally came out in 2012 on Tinashe’s Reverie mixtape. It was only a 1 minute clip at the end of her track- Yours/Sweet Satisfaction but the full version of the track just leaked. Pretty cool to see the full version of this out into the world.